North Korean Mass Games




In Pyongyang between August and October the Arirang Mass Games ( 아리랑 축제 ) are held in the world's largest stadium, the Rungrado May Day Stadium . This mass choreographed gymnastic display involves up to 100,000 people

 The name refers to "Arirang", a Korean folk story about a young couple who are torn apart by an evil landlord, here intended to represent the division of Korea.

The festival has been held from August until October since 2002-2005, and 2007-2013. The mass games were not held in 2014 and were also cancelled in 2015. It is unknown if they will be continued in 2016 . They may have been canceled for stadium renovation and concerns about the Zika virus .

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium . The stadium was finished on May 1, 1989. It is currently the largest stadium in the world, with a capacity of 150,000, and occupies 20.7 hectares (51 acres).



 North Korea 2011 Mass Games

highlights with English subtitles

Some highlights from the opening night of Arirang Mass Games, 1st August at the Mayday Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. 1 of 2. Part 1 is the more overall scene while part 2 is probably better as there's more close-ups of interesting things happening and has the finale. The acts:  

Backdrop warm-up

Opening act Flag act DPRK flag

Korean People's Army

Children's section

Agricultural successes



  North Korea 2011 Mass Games highlights with English subtitles (2 of 2)

  part 2 more close-ups of interesting things happening The acts:



Birth of Kim Jong-il

Korean - Chinese friendship

Reunification of the Korean peninsula






 North Korea 2012 Mass Games  with Kim Jun un



 2011 Arirang Mass Games (Part 1/3)



 2011 Arirang Mass Games (Part 2/3)



 2011 Arirang Mass Games (Part 3/3)






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