Emperor Sunjong(Korean; 순종) or Emperor Yung-Hui (Korean ; 융희제; Chinese Character ; 隆熙帝)(March 25, 1874 -- April 24, 1926) was the last emperor of the Joseon Dynasty and Korean Empire in Korea, ruling from 1907 until 1910. His Birthname was Cheok Yi (Korean; 이척, Chinese Character; 李拓) 

He is the fourth son of Emperor Gojong (Emperor Gwangmu). He became Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty in 1878, and became the 27th Sovereign of Joseon Dynasty as 'Emperor Yung-Hui' when the Japanese forced the abdication of Emperor Gojong in 1907.

His short reign ended with the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty of 1910. After Annexation Treaty, he was put in the Changdeokgung Palace for confinement by the Japanese Government. He died on April 24, 1926 in Changdeokgung Palace.

This film was taken in May 7th, 1926, when the funeral was took place. This footage may be a excerpt from a presumed-lost Korean documentary film, "The Funeral of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Sunjong"(Released in 1928), but this is still in dispute. The footage was edited in 1959, adding some narration and Gayagum(A Korean string instrument)music soundtrack.