Korean history videos



North Korean Dangun video

video on Old Chosun (Korean)

video on Biyeo (Puyo)




video on the Silla Kingdom

video on the Koguryo Kingdom

The historical drama Dae Joyoung, which takes place in the Koguryo kingdom



video on the important people in Koguryo history

video on the Tang-Koguryo Battle of Salsu(612A.D.)


video on the Baeje Kingdom


video of Bulguksa Temple

video of the Seokguram Grotto

A Historical drama of Queen Seondeok



video on the Balhae (Parhae) Kingdom

documentary about Parhae in Korea with English subtitles

Legend of the Shadowless Sword 




video on the Goryeo Dynasty


video on Goryeo celadons

video on the Gyeongbok Palace


Goryeojang (고려장), aka Burying Old Alive, is a 1963 South Korean film


video of Goryeo court music

Documentary on the Mongols


Tears of the Dragon. A historical drama about the fall of the Goryeo


video on the Joseon (Choson) Dynasty

video of Joseon photos


video of Korean costumes

video on the battle of Chinju (Jinju) 1592

video of Korean ladies hairstyles

from ancient times to the joseon Dynasty



video of yangban and Joseon ladies by artist  Shin Yoon-Bok

video on the Kisaeng

The Last Empress a historical drama about

Queen Min (Empress Myeongseong)



The earliest known footage of Korea from 1901.

1953 newsreel on Changgyeonggung

video of photos of the Great Korean Empire



newsreel of King Sonjong's funeral in 1926

historical drama on Yi Sun-shin

and the Imjin War


Video of the battle of Okpo,


video of the battle of Sacheon

Video of  Battle of Myeongnyang Oct 27, 1597

The Battle of Noryang, the last major battle of the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598)



A video with photographs of the popular singer and dancer Choi Seung-hee(1911-1969)



Newsreel of Korea in the early 1930s

Rare 1938 color footage of Korea.




Korea in the tumultuous period between the end ofWorld War II and

the start of the Korean War


A good documentary on the causes of the

Korean War and the war itself.

video on the Jeju upring-

제주 4·3 민중항쟁 




video on  the Korean War

Hill 1211. A North Korean movie about one of the North Korean heros of the war, Yi Su bok, who took out an enemy machine gun postion.



video on the MIG15



documentary on the Korean War

They chose China. The story of 21 American POWS who decided to stay in China after the war.


videos of the 1960 uprising ( 2 videos )



South Korean troops in the Vietnam War

South Korea sent 300,000 troops to Vietnam


video on the Park Chung hee assassination

movie on the Kwangju uprising



news report on Kim Dae jung

news report on the death of Roh Moo hyun


Documentary on North Korea




North Korea without a guide 1989

North Korean mass games

video of the 1983 rangoon bombing

(warning graphic)




news report on Kim Hyon hui


North Korean nuclear program


news on North Korean missile launch




 A montage of recent news footage of North Koreans attempting to get asylum in foreign embassies in China


 video in Korea on famine hit areas

risking life to escape North Korea



report on a North Korean escape from a prison camp

the North Korean military

report on North Korean spies in South Korea




 A documentary showing what it is like to live in North Korea



The song No Motherland Without You,

The story of of the American defector to North Korea, Joe Dresnok





U.S. Army defector Charles Robert Jenkins as the evil Dr. Kelton (the man behind the Korean War)


Pulgasari is a 1985 North Korean monster movie about an iron-eating creature who helps 14th century Korean peasants


 Report on North Korean counterfeiting. North Korea is accused of making superdollars as well




North Korean car (Fiat Siena)


North Korean schoolkids using computers


report on tourism to North Korea



video on the death of Kim Il song in 1994

news report on the Cheonan sinking

North Korea calls torpedo found at sinking site a fabrication, threatens war if South Korea retaliates