North Korean Propaganda Posters




 The Soviet inspired idealised social realism is still used to inspire the masses today.

Common themes are :promoting the cult of personality of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, anti-Americanism, juche and promoting public policy.

These handpainted posters can be seen everywhere in North Korea


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Propaganda poster and daily life -North Korea 

 Propoganda poster in use promoting the 'military first' policy .

in our point of view/opinion(사상관점)),

 our fighting spirit/temper(투쟁기풍),

 our way of living(생활방식 ),

let's do according to the demands of the military first (선군의요구대로! )


President Kim Il Sung Eternal Sun 

 President Kim Il Sung Eternal Sun


Cholima poster in Pyongyang - North Korea 

Cholima is a legendary horse in Korean folklore, it is said to be able to cover long distances at amazing speed. In the 50's, North Korea took a fast industrialization program, which great results have been compared to Cholima. Nowadays, they still use this symbol in many propaganda posters




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DPRK / North Korea 





Propaganda and movie Posters

from North Korea


Kim Jong Il on horseback. Kim Jong Il was fond of riding horses.

This painting is reminiscent of Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David.


North Korean Propaganda Poster 


Traffic Policewoman 



North Korean Poster 3 

This poster encourages a healthy lifestyle. It says "Let's learn to swim at an early age."


North Korean Poster 4 

"Let's give a bigger part to the advantages of the socialist treatment system through greater effort."


North Korean Poster 2 


Propaganda poster showing kids going to Mangyongdae Kim Il Sung Native house - North Korea 

 Propaganda poster showing kids going to Mangyongdae Kim Il Sung Native house




Propaganda poster - North Korea 


Propaganda posters in Pyongyang North Korea 

 Propaganda posters in Pyongyang




Poster in a primary school &quo 

 Poster in a primary school "Our General (Kim Jong Il )is the best!"


Propaganda poster for 2010 campain - Pyongyang North Korea 


Translation isn't even necessary - North Korea 


Arirang posters Mass Games - North Korea 


Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung and the kids - North korea 


Hamhung soldiers - North Korea 


Propaganda poster North Korea 




Space exploration - Samjiyon children's palace North Korea 

 Propaganda painting about space exploration in Samjiyon children's palace.


Hamhung farm entrance - North Korea 


Pyongyang North Korea 

Everywhere in the country you can see those "150 days" posters. Until september 2009, a 150-day campaign tells the North Koreans to work harder by instilling them with national pride.






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