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Introduction   Kim Il-Sung's life to the Korean War   Reconstruction&Growth in the 1960s   North Korean Government-Juche  Badges&Personality Cult

1970sRise of military,The Blue House raid, USS Pueblo&Economic Downturn Sino-Soviet Split   1980s Rangoon Bombing-Seoul Olympics-KAL 858 Bombing   

North Korean Nuclear and Missle Program   Flood and Famine   North Korean Prison Camps   North Korean Armed Forces   The Collapse of the USSR

The Death of Kim Il Sung and Succession of Kim Jong Il   North Korea sinks South Korean navy ship   Death of Kim Jong-Il, succession of Kim Jong-Un

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 "My country" in Korean is the official web portal of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)

 You can order North Korean books such as Kim Il Sung's works here  

Latest news and background on the DPRK





North Korean newspaper in Japan in English

Human rights newspaper     

Propaganda Posters from North Korea

Han Park Ph.D . When North Korea does something newsworthy, usually you will see Dr. Park on tv. He was my Korean politics professor at the University of Georgia.

 It is interesting to compare East Germany and North Korea